Secret Hidden Mini Game Complete!

It came out at 2,789bytes in the end after adding the title screen and removing a few bugs, adding the remaining SFX, etc, etc. I let my son loose on it and he seemed determined to beat his previous high score on it for a fair few minutes before eventually wanting to show me what he’d been making in minecraft which is a good sign 🙂

Coding up this mini game took a lot longer than I thought it would which isn’t great for my hopes to get a lot of games ready this year, which is a okay, I may just have to scale back my ambitions somewhat, we shall see I guess.

Cartridge Boards in both NROM and CN-ROM Formats, shiny!

I received my cartridge boards I ordered from earlier in the week which I’m excited to have with me over here, hopefully that’ll give that extra push to get these games done in time and got some really cool tunes from Jayenkai for me to plug into my sound engine which is next on my list of things to do, so, without further delay, I need to port things over!