Old Creative Software still rocks 15 years later in 2022

aaaand no, I don’t need new features for my legit copy of CS3 Suite.

Where did that come from, huh? well, I’ve been running with mainly Photoshop CS3 and Flash CS3 for agessss, know them like the back of my hand and they’ve been useful from the off, still function a okay in Windows 10 and they’re just great to make things with, quickly.

Sure, the activation servers got switched off years and years ago but you can still use them with a bit of hidden know-how which I won’t go into here, but, it stuck me whilst I was there, over at Switch Computer Support, chatting over ideas for their animations in their advert that I’m still using software from 2007, in 2022 and it’s all there.

With the recent kerfuffles with Adobe and Pantone, Software and now apparently…Colour as a subscription service, it’s gone more insane than before. I get it, I don’t have all the bells and whistles but I also don’t have the monthly bill to just ruddy use it. I will, like i do with most things, use it until it’s broken and I can’t fix it anymore, but Flash, yeah, remember that? Cool! It’s still great in it’s older forms for producing lots of stuff and you can always export the files as executables for the main operating systems also, I’m going to stick with that method for making animations again, for as long a possible.

I guess i’m just a holder out from newer versions of stuff but, if it’s not broken, at least, not broken to use, then why upgrade?

Also, the gym was amazing today, I need to get there again tomorrow as it felt great to feel some progress going on there, hooked up a more powerful speaker to my lil raspberry pi ( lewd electronics, it’s best not to ask ) stuff today and, it’s loud enough now, just need to figure out how to get all these parts enclosed and fit into some sort of wearable, maybe a collar perhaps? I don’t know, with the raspberry pi, this is my first rodeo and Python is a pretty trash language compared to PHP, etc in my opinion, LIMITS ON LINE LENGTHS? GTFO

But still, I will persist until this project has reached it’s eventual conclusion.

Also, I bought some cute fabric to make one of the cutesy projects I mentioned yesterday, best get cracking!