Hi There! I’m Ryan and I’ve been developing something or other since I was yay high to a grasshopper. Getting to grips with BASIC on a now ancient Commodore Plus 4 way back in the mid eighties, I always wanted to be a game maker since touching my first few lines of code.

Going though many versions of BASIC and strapping on other programming and scripting languages along the way over years I’ve been making something or other for quite some time and figured, lets write a blog about coding video games, because, why not!

So, yeah, this blog is mostly going to be about game development in some form or another. Be that using recent tools such as Unity or Old tools, for Older Systems, such as the Gameboy, NES, etc. It’ s going to be pretty casual language thrown about as that’s just how it’s going to be 🙂

Now, I have a Gamejam to prepare for probably either now, this weekend or in a couple of weeks time, I hope to keep you updated with how things are going along fairly regularly!