Februrarys NES Game – Coffee Run!

Let’s race through a quick idea for a NES game with Coffee Run!

As part of the many cool things that go on over at http://socoder.net, there’s a monthly challenge called Mind Poke where memebers of the ocmmunity suggest words to generate something based upon them. Sadly I didn’t get anywhere with Januarys one, aside from a few screenshots. This month, I’ve developed a bit more of my toolchain and it’s sped the game development up along the way, pics below.

The idea is you have to travel a certain distance with your player within a time limit, avoiding obstacles and ensuring you deliver the coffee to the customer, who’s away, somewhere, in a car, getting ready to take part in a race, but they need coffee!

You lose coffee after every obstacle you run into and can opt to drink some of it yourself to temporarily go faster, maybe you can get some back along the journey but it should prove to be a nice risk vs reward mechanic.

Next task will be to get the sprites set -up on screen and colouring the background properly, maybe doing something with player input tonight once I get the previous tasks finished.

I’m more positive that I’ll have this game finished by the end of the month after having improved how I code my games inside NESASM3, Also, my order for a bunch of NES cartridge shells and dust covers arrived today, so I have enough parts to create 30 cartridges, just not the boxes yet. Either way It’s another piece of the Refresh Games puzzle completed 😀