Back to Gameboy or Atari Game Development Tomorrow?

Christmas was lots of fun and it’s been lovely but I’ve got that urge to get back behind the code again so tomorrow evening I’ll either start making another lil gameboy project, orrr possibly continue They Are Everywhere with levels 6 to 10 or, maybe, just maybe look more into Assembly for, of all the things, the Atari 2600.

Yes, the Atari 2600.

The one that’s most likely a real ruddy nightmare to develop for, has really, REALLY limited everything. Yeah, that’s the one. Again, mostly for the challenge of making something for an old system, this one being older than myself even!

I’ve done some research online and it seems like a worthwhile challenge, I won’t be attempting to make anything in particular, but, if I can make anything work on it, I’ll be happy with that.

Also, the folks at offer the ability to put your game onto a cart for $25.00, which is kinda cool, now, time to dig out that Atari 2600 from somewhere…

I blame myself for reading through Racing The Beam the last couple of days. It’s quite the fascinating read if you’re into retro gaming and goes into details of 6 Atari VCS games, from one of the release cartridges (Combat in 1977) to Pitfall, Yars’ Revenge and the Ill-Fated Initial conversion of Pac Man with details on how the developer for each game explored the limits of the Atari console and made it work seemingly beyond it’s capabilities. It’s crazy stuff!

Soo, probably time to download Stella and some other tools, will report back in a day or so.