So, where am I at with GBDK so far then?

I figured now’s probably as good a time as any to look through and see where I’m at in terms of features I have working / would like to have working or at least working better.

Gameboy Controller Input

Seems to be all there, but occasionally (rarely) misses tap commands for some reason, I can’t fathom this one out though.

Background, Window and Sprite Handling

The sprites were still cute, thanks to my lil PHP tool 😀

This has come along really nicely since when I begun my journey with GBDK, to the point where I now have my own tool to convert png files into usable GBDK data and export it out a plain VRAM for usage in other tools.
Whilst the game itself turned out pretty poorly, the tools I developed were vital for Global Game Jam 2016, making sprites of that size purely in 8×8 groups of pixels would be horrendous!


Sound effects are pretty much there but I’m still without the right method to convert music from a program into byte code and back into a tune on the Gameboy.

Multiple Bank Handling

Seems to be all good, I’ll be doing some crazier bank switching antics in the coming weeks, with an eye into starting and finishing a scrolling shooter, orrr possibly a racing game, it depends on my mood I guess.