#1GAM Racing game on the Gameboy – Day 3

A few more developments on the racing game were begun tonight and a change of focus seemed to serve me well for once.

I was having a few issues with the background layer scrolling new tile row correctly last night and they were still occurring today so I just commented out the scrolling code for the moment and instead started on some quick sprites and getting some debug info to help me determine which tiles the car is colliding with currently, all whilst keeping variable usage down (so yeah, I’m reusing variables inside loops more now, yay RAM efficiency!)

Nothing too tough tonight but it’s good to have some more data and in-game debugging more of a possibility!

I’ll probably use the white lines as restore points should you explode off-track. They’ll need regular spacing, but that shouldn’t be too tough to sort out tomorrow perhaps? Updated screeny below, with sprites and X ‘n’ Y coordinates in the window (first 3 characters per line).

Racing game sprites and in-game debugging