So Many Colours!

I got way more into customising the colour palettes today, found out a way to set each background tile to have a certain palette index on both bkg and window layers and it’s looking pretty cool!

Sure seems to take up CPU with how I’m doing it though, when a new scroll line evnt is triggered, the colour changes add a lot to the CPU usage, which isn’t great. The gameboy colour does have a fast mode which might mitigate some of this issue but I do need to find a safe way to determine which hardware I’m running on so I can avoid running unnecessary code for greyscale gameboys.

Anyhoo, it’s looking prettier, still controls the same and collision ‘n’ enemies need to be added / updated, but that’s the coming weeks target.

Colourful Graphics!Wheee racing games huzzah! I’ll have something ready for the end of this month I reckon. Just not sure how complete it’ll be. March brings me back to finally finishing off They Are Everywhere.