Racing for Position!

Sprite to sprite collisions are a-okay! The cars react according to where they have been hit from and, whilst i need to add another check for differing speeds, there’s more of a racing feel to the game.

Position checking is done with 2 well-timed comparison tests and works well, I doubt I’ll add a qualifying section to this game as passing opponents should be the main focus of this game.

But, I still have to sort out background collisions still, gyahhh! Nahh, it’ll be fine, just gotta hope I don’t exceed the CPU limits, collision detection takes surprisingly little!

After a brief check on the space left in the bank, I’ve got a little over 5kb of ROM to spare. Not much, but hopefully, enough, most of the functions can be contained in their own bank which will free up a fair amount so there is some wiggle room to play with.

As always, screenshot for you down below…