The doubts of homebrew development

I really love Gameboy development. It’s been the only game platform I’ve made things for since November 2015. But there’s that niggling part in me that reminds me occasionally that I could be working on finishing a more commercial game off when I’m coding up something very niche indeed.

There were different niggles going on with me when regarding indie development though. Mainly focusing around hopes that this game would appeal to people enough to purchase it or play a free version which could generate some revenue in another way. Kinda like a really long approach to purchasing a lottery ticket, particularly with the mobile market nowadays it would appear.

That’s not to say I’m not going to make another game with intentions of selling it though, but despite the differing niggles with Gameboy homebrew. I think I prefer them to the ones which seem more saturated than ever before.

Maybe that’s partly due to the different challenges involved between languages / IDEs. Unity is great fun to play around with and you can easily do a lot with it quickly. You’re a lot more limited with the Gameboy in every which way but those limitations, much like the time limitations in game jams, tend to make me produce something I wouldn’t otherwise.

I dunno. I kinda like it here in Gameboy Development land, just not to the exclusion of modern game dev. At least, not yet.