Porting Code Across The Games, Bee Game Got A Cool Name

No code on the previously untitled bee game for tonight as I discovered this afternoon that I’d accidentally broken some of my code for Flap Happy since my last compile. This was pretty scary news as I couldn’t see where the code had broken or exactly what had caused it, as the game still worked but was having issues suddenly.

I was worried that if changes were needed to the code that I’d be unable to fix it but, thanks to having a copy of the last known good build in an email sent to Mega Cat Studios, a handy disassembler and a text comparison tool, I was able to fix the 2 byte error that had occurred.

2 bytes.. My gosh!

Also, today I was describing my next NES game to my son and he stumbled upon a fantastic name for it, “Bee Happy” This now feels like a trilogy of Happy games should be made, wander what the third one will be, hmmmm…..

No image tonight, beer has been had, code has been saved and all is good again, nn all xXx