Retro Game Projects Update Me Do

So, It’s been too long since my last update and for that I apologise, let’s get into a few things.

I’ve started off on a few new projects recently and have received some good news regarding Flap Happy from my publishers Mega Cat Studios which I’ll be really happy to share with everyone as soon as a couple of details have been confirmed.

There have been some other things that have been going on in the background including the following:

NES Homebrew Game – Bee Happy

I’ve left this behind for way too long and need to get this project back on track. I WILL NOT let this project go unfinished.

Animated Retro Games buy and Sell Advert for Switch Computer Support

A friend of mine is looking into buying and selling Video games and consoles so asked if I would make them an advert to help keep customers in-store and give a good idea as to what’s in stock at a glance, with a very retro 80’s / 90’s feel.

Retro Podcast?

While this is only a slight possibility, I’m planning out a podcast with some friends about retro gaming. This may or may not happen but could be lots of fun and tie into other things down the line.

Secret Cutesy Project #1 and #2

Obviously, can’t mention much about this but whoever these are for, I’m sure they’ll enjoy it.