Level Loads and a Field full of Flowers!

So, eventually accomplished the goal of displaying a field full of lfowers after another couple hours of debugging tonight after overloading the PPU a few times, getting trapped inside code blocks that weren’t executing but eventually breaking free of them!

I gave in to easy mode sadly tonight and chose to use a byte per tile over cramming level data into fewer bytes. It may result in more obstacles for players to travel through (I’m still thinking hedges would be a good slow down / sticky trap for players btw) But genuinely relieved to get that field of flowers on screen without having to resort to turning the screen off.

Next up will likely be something to do with harvesting the pollen, but that’ll have to wait until Wednesday evening possibly now!

Transitions to game screens

So, despite an hour trying to find an odd bug with regards to screen transitions seeming to lock up my game tonight, I managed to find and fix a few issues with Bee Happy and get the transition from the menu screen to the game screen working a okay.

Tomorrow night I might attempt streaming some more game dev again at https://twitch.tv/rychanwr3 and see where I can go from tonights updates. ASM is still tough to get back into if you’re away from the code for a little while and apparently 4 days was a little too long for me tonight.

I’m not sure what I’ll work on, it might bee a level editor or, more likely, getting patterns of other enemies sorted out, those birds in the background need their wings! Or I could attempt to fix more of the menu screen up, yeah, that’d be good also.

I’m hoping to stream from around 9pm UK time.