Atari VCS 2600 Assembly – Day 2

Gone is the coloured background. Here instead, are some sprites and missiles!

spritesandmissilesI’ve hoodwinked the 3rd bunch of sprites in-between scanlines and, whilst it’s proving tough to get the missiles aligned horizontally, they are firing on joypad input and both players have seperate inputs available.

I might try to demake Invasion VS onto this from my Original OUYA release. It was pretty fun to play against another person. Not sure how I could hoodwink AI into 4k but I’ll see!

I’m thinking mode switches to change the display type for each player, different player counts could lead to some decent gameplay, think air sea bttle but with players facing each other, that’s what I’m aiming for here.

It’ll be tough but I’m pleased with making some progress on the kernel today. I’d love to speed it up a bit mind you!