Atari VCS Development – Day 3 – Customising my Kernel

I decided to have a play around with my Kernel code in an attempt to see if I could get some variants of graphics on the screen, whilst I’m ignoring my sprites I wanted to attempt to get a power bar working using the background alone, as I can use the NOP command to delay for 2 cycles, I can decided how long each power bar is with those commands.

I’m still experimenting with the Kernel code to wring some more out from it. But I now have more colours on one line which could be used for some sort of effects in the background. It’s not that exciting to view though so, no point in putting an image on here. At least, not until I’ve played around more with the code.

I’d like to get two different sprites on one line without any negative effects, I may have to use some flickering in order to achieve this though, racing the beam is a tad tough!