Gearing up for 2 Players!

Gameboy Development has been really good fun over the last 14 months and in total I’ve made over 10 games which are all playable in one state or another, which is nice!

I’ve played with some gameboy colour stuff and feel like I have a good handle on MBC1 style bank switching. Audio is coming nicely along the way and will keep on evolving over the coming months until I’m happy with both editor, exporter and GBDK implmentation.

But, one of the things that was in a lot of gameboy games was the ability to link up to another system, allowing for two player games. Normally in a versus mode scenario.


And I want other people to be able to to do that also!

So, there are decidated functions and variables inside GBDK for handling such functionality allowing for not just link cable but other accessories to be attached, such as the gameboy camera and printer! I’ll look into those at a later date but for the moment, the next goal is to make a 2 player game!