Flap Happy and Fancy Free NES ROM Update

It’s been a while but I got a couple of good days with Flap Happy and Fancy Free recently. The updates are shown in the video below but I’ll go over them here also.

Bonuses yeah!!!
Now players are rewarded more for quickly beating levels with more points as well as for landing on platforms without dying, adding 5 points to each successful platform landed up to 50 points per platform and a decreasing level bonus based on time completed.

Actual Lives.
Simple thing to do now but important to get in there. I’ll possibly add some 1-ups for every 5,000  / 10,000 points.

Death Frames
Just some quick playing with the PPU currently but it works.

Indicators for Combos
In probably the wrong colour currently but easily changed.

What’s next?

Invinicbility, NOT IFrames
Indicating the player is invincible when landed.

Fading levels in and out
Again, with some well timed palette swaps.

Music and SFX
Really needed to make this feel more complete.

Because fireballs!

The code is weighing in at a tiny 6.5kb, with lots of room to spare still (25.5kb) for music, etc. I’m looking at possibly using the gradual games sound engine as it supports NESASM3 which is really handy.

My old gameboy code might be okay to convert for smaller (albeit limited) sound effects also.