Let’s finish this

2020 was virtually a dead end for me with regards to this passion project. I was struggling with doubt in my own abilities as a programmer and other areas of my life through chunks of last year.

Life and crazy lockdowns simply must not get me down anymore, to which end I’ve chosen to live this year as if it were my last, which means accomplishing as many of my personal goals that I can. Where they’ll lead me to, I have no clue. Not planning on dying mind you! More planning on self-improvement, including a certain NES game that I’d neglected until the turn of the year.

I’m getting into the habit of writing little goal lists the night before I accomplish them, so I have a little list of things to attack on my code. Two nights in and it seems to be working pretty well, loads of little bugs fixes made and just two things left to do.

Number 1:

Decide The Level lists for tougher game modes.

Number 2:

Fix the issues with the ending sequence, which are numerous.

It seems that my sprite Zero hit routine is lagging the music and everything up, making it all rather out of pace, if I remove it then, it’s a lot more consistent. But I really want that routine working, it’d be my little piece of icing on the Flap Happy cake.

After that, the game is essentially, complete. Yeah. Not adding any more to it, not compensating between NTSC and PAL Hz, sorry, it’s taken a long time to get done and it runs really nicely for NTSC but should still be okay for PAL regions. I’m still hoping it will entertain some people, even if it’s just my kids.

I may retry cartridge production myself later in the year but will probably try to find some people for support when it comes to publishing, we’ll see about that though.