Flap Happy Cartridge Art Ready!

So, following the getting things done theme, I found some label paper at work which felt pretty close to the real stuff (ICE Brand 130gsm glossy label paper if you’re interested) and figured I’d see what it looks like on cartridge. After a quick bit of re-jigging in photoshop, the printer spewed out these lovelies!

Which is pretty damned cool! Yes, lighting helps 😉
After a bit of cutting and a retry, it ended up looking like this!

As you can see from the photo, it’s looking really damn close to how I hoped it would. As I’m making it to fit on a NROM cartridge, it should look the part I think!

Hoping to get the manual sorted out during this week on some suitable paper once again 🙂 Just need my cutting tools and long stapler arriving from the internet, then it’ll be another step closer to production 🙂