Finally Done!

All the levels are set, a few unbeatable levels have been fixed up, a few, easier levels have been toughened up and wow, hardest mode is so damn tough!

I played through each level (1,024 of them) and noticed a couple unbeatable levels which, really wouldn’t be suitable to leave in, so some manual overriding of the generator was required. Thankfully, not for many levels. There’s just over 5kb of space remaining and that’s fine, I’ve used up enough space of the 40kb available (well, 32kb as 8kb is reserved for graphics)

I’ve learnt a lot about 6502 ASM, the NES and developed a few techniques over the years making this game. It’s been a tough, emotional, thing to make. Having no experience in ASM code beforehand, aside from a couple days prototyping stuff on the Atari 2600, which I quickly gave up upon, I developed a lot of bad habits and I’m sure that if anyone looked through the code they’d be shocked as to see how this game was coded up.

Looking through it all, I can clearly see where my initial code was and while it’s functional it’s not particularly great / optimized.

I’m going to sort out my generic functions from the rest of the code tonight and roll that into the next game, which I’ve been wanting to start for a fair while now, I mean, I already made a prototype for it on the Gameboy whilst this game was in early development. Whew…It’s been a while.

Nonetheless, I am now a lot closer to crossing off what was probably my first game dev ambition, which was, as I’m ure a lot of 80’s kids ambitions were, to make and release a game for the NES.