Lets start NES Game#2 Untitled Bee Game!

Right, so, begun the next game, aiming for a simpler game to program this time around, with a few variants on play styles.

It’s gonna be a spin off the QBert style of games where you have to turn all the blocks a certain colour to continue.

In this case, your bee must collect all the pollen from the flowers and returning it to the hive up to 5 at a time, whilst being attacked by Wasp stingers, Birds and Crabs.

It’ll be playable by 1 or 2 players, with there being the option of 2 players playing co-operatively to beat the levels, or against each other in a single level basis, one person controls the bee, the other controls the wasps. (I’m thinking D pad to move them all around, A button firing vertical wasps, B button firing horizontal wasps.

The difficulty curve should some from starting off with slower, fewer wasps, before increasing the number and aggression of them, before introducing more enemies as it goes along.

Below is a pic of the game screen in-progress from inside a NES Emulator, lots to get on with but lots done today!