A couple more screens done and more bug fixes.

A bit more code tidied up tonight. Along with plans to get some more screens set-up for save/ continue functionality.

18 Courses should be enough, each course area will have it’s own theme and colour scheme for colour gameboy players. We’ll see how it goes from here but I’m hoping to fit this into 64kb total. Well, maybe 128kb, depending on any extras I add to it.

Grand Prix and Select CoursePasswords will just store your current course and total points. Maybe with different endings for different points totals at the end of the season…I dunno.

Racing for Position!

Sprite to sprite collisions are a-okay! The cars react according to where they have been hit from and, whilst i need to add another check for differing speeds, there’s more of a racing feel to the game.

Position checking is done with 2 well-timed comparison tests and works well, I doubt I’ll add a qualifying section to this game as passing opponents should be the main focus of this game.

But, I still have to sort out background collisions still, gyahhh! Nahh, it’ll be fine, just gotta hope I don’t exceed the CPU limits, collision detection takes surprisingly little!

After a brief check on the space left in the bank, I’ve got a little over 5kb of ROM to spare. Not much, but hopefully, enough, most of the functions can be contained in their own bank which will free up a fair amount so there is some wiggle room to play with.

As always, screenshot for you down below…

Basic Racing CPU Get!

Yay! Tonight I’ve come up with a safe, low CPU way to pseudo randomnly generate CPU cars that will at least initially appear on the track. That’s basically it to be honest but they attempt to home in on your car and have their own travelling speed, they also persist for a while once they go off the screen, should you, the player make an error shortly after the overtake, they can pass you back.

I guess next up, they should have differing speeds (easy to do) so they can get harder or easier depending on your position (still gotta calculate that!)

Still, it’s had more progress each night so, let’s celebrate with an animated GIF! It looped rather well!
Animated GIF of a lap in action with CPU car.
The course needs simplifying down and lengthening out also, but I have a lot of space left in ROM ~8k for more track details, sound and, well, a lot of this data / functions can be stored inside a separate bank, because I’ll be bank switching a lot I imagine!