List of Finished, Released Games for Mobile, Console, Gameboy and PC

Super Grid Run was a notable release as it was not only my first ‘proper’ game release but has also been by far my most successful game to date, receiving awards for top review scores in 2013 on android phones, narrowly beating Plants Vz Zombies 2, Being shown at Many conventions by the lovely folk at Gamestick as well as being a featured released game for the lil Android Console. To date, this rather minimalistic, challenging Runner game has notched up over 1,250 paid downloads across platforms and well over 50k free downloads.

I’m hoping that my current game in development, for Mobile, Android Console & Gameboy Classic Series They Are Everywhere, will reach the same heights, or greater!

Finished & Released Games in Order of Date of Completion
Title Platforms Year Link
Gravity Force 3 Android 2012 Gravity Force 3
Super Grid Run iOS, Android, OUYA, Gamestick 2013
Holey Moley iOS, Android, OUYA 2014
Invasion VS OUYA 2014 Invasion VS
Flappy New Year Android 2014 Flappy New Year

I have, like many indie & hobby developers a rather large list of unfinished games that may one day get finished off, these will be listed here in the coming days.

I can safely say that there are a LOT of these and even more Game Jam Games!

Game Jam Games List

Dec 2015 – NovaScape

Dec 2015 – Space Invasion Zero

Aug 2015 – The Catcher Van

May 2015 – Daily Dungeon

Apr 2015 – Zoo Racing

Dec 2014 – The Biggest Snowman

Aug 2013 – Penguin Racer Go Go!

Apr 2013 – Holey Moley – 4 Hour Edition

Dec 2012 – The Most EVIL Breakfast

Aug 2012 – DashDashDASH

Apr 2012 – Gravity Force 3

Ready to Gameboy Jam through Ludum Dare 34


Well, with Ludum Dare #34 Just around the corner, under 12 hours away as I type this out, I’ve been preparing myself to put together a Gameboy Game in Under 48 Hours, based around a theme. Which I’ll discover at 2am.

So, what am I doing to prepare for this then, huh, huh?

  1. Clear some space around me in my lil home office so I’m not being distracted by clutter.
  2. Made sure I have made a gameboy game recently,in a small amount of time, so I’m not going in to this completely blind. You can play it on your Gameboy here, it’s a tough space invader clone and didn’t take too long to make, just a bit of time to debug. GBDK is funny with variables sometimes!
  3. I Managed to write myself a handy tool to make sprite creation easier, meaning I can now use photoshop, export to PNG, run it through my tool and out pops the relevant data for both GBDK and it’s Tile editor program, I can see that saving me a bunch of time and allowing me to make more complex sprites a bit easier! I’ll pop this online at some point, just not right now though, time is pressing!
  4. Probably grab a bunch of snacks later on tonight for easy eating. Not too junky though!
  5. Most shocking of all, I’ll be getting myself a decent nights rest, so I can make sure I’m not going to burn myself out over the 2 days, I love game jams and everything that goes with them, but yeah, sleep, that’s important!

Why in the hell am I making a Gameboy Game? Why Not Use Unity. Unreal / Something else?

Haha, yeah, I’d normally be a Unity bod for any Gamejam, but, what with my recent endeavours with GBDK¬† and Gameboy Development I wanted to see what I can make, from scratch, in 2 days. I’m not expecting my entry to fare particularly well in comparison to other games out there, but, this is just for the joy of game jams!